A Closer Look at Lab Grown Diamonds

Chances are you’ve heard just enough about lab grown diamonds to be curious. If you’re wondering whether they’re right for you, consider the following before you decide.

What You Need to Know

Lab grown diamonds have generated plenty of interest and nearly as much confusion.  They are known by many names including engineered diamonds, cultured diamonds, man-made diamonds, even evolved diamonds.  But whatever you call them, the facts remain the same. 

The Differences Between the Two.

A laboratory grown diamond has the same optical, chemical and physical properties as a natural diamond. It has the same chemical composition, refractive index, and 4Cs. To many, it is difficult to distinguish the difference. The biggest difference between a lab grown diamond and a mined diamond is how it originates. Lab grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory and natural, traditional diamonds are formed by natural processes under the earth’s mantle. Using advanced technology – either extreme pressure and heat or a special deposition process – lab diamonds are grown from the tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. At Poag Jewellers, we feel it’s important to see a lab grown diamond side-by-side to a natural diamond and have our qualified gemologists show you those differences.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Not “Simulated” Diamonds.

Simulated diamonds can be anything from Moissanite, to Cubic Zirconia (CZ), White Sapphire and similar materials, which do not have the same physical and optical properties as diamonds. Simulated diamonds are meant to resemble mined diamonds but they are not diamonds in any sense of the word.

How Are Diamonds Grown?

Lab grown diamonds are created or “grown” by recreating the same conditions that form mined diamonds but in a highly controlled laboratory instead of beneath the earth’s mantle. 

How to Make Your Decision 

Consider the Pros

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Lab-created diamonds are considered by many as sustainable diamonds. Because they are grown in a lab they have a confirmed source and little environmental impact. In addition, it is generally accepted that it takes considerably less energy to grow a diamond in a lab than taking it from the earth. Because they are grown, they are also considered conflict-free. However, every natural diamond sold at Poag Jewellers is also conflict-free.

New and Trending

Today’s lab grown diamonds are genuinely new phenomena in the fine jewellery industry. Even though man-made diamonds have been around for a while, the size and quality of today’s lab grown diamonds redefine the category. If you enjoy being a pioneer and first adapter, a lab diamond might be a good choice.

Typically Costs Less

Lab diamonds provide some value when you compare them to a mined diamond of similar quality and size. They are optically identical and can be purchased for less than it would cost for a mined diamond. 

Weigh the Cons

It’s Special Nature

Natural diamonds are produced by powerful forces beneath the earth’s mantel. It takes thousands of years to form one diamond and not every diamond unearthed is deemed good enough to cut and polish. No two diamonds are ever the same and exceptional beauty and size is extremely rare. Every earth-mined diamond is created by chance and its uniqueness adds to its appeal. If you’re drawn to the mystery, myth and magic of diamonds, a diamond created in a lab may seem sterile or less meaningful.

Economic Impact

Some people do not realize that today’s diamond mining industry is actually an important part of the economy of many under-developed countries. A conscientiously run mine creates employment and much needed healthcare for the citizens of poor nations, while raising the standard of living.

Holding Value

One of the most important “cons” has to do with value. Lab grown diamonds are so new, no one knows where the market is going or what they will be worth in the future. That could become an issue if you’re looking to sell your lab grown diamond for a larger diamond in the years to come or simply sell it. A mined diamond, on the other hand, will always be more valuable. And, if you’re looking to trade-up to a larger diamond (and purchased your diamond with us), you will receive the current value of your original diamond towards your upgraded purchase.

To Sum Things Up.

Lab grown diamonds aren’t for everyone.  But they are an alternative for buyers with specific priorities. Because we’re passionate about all things diamond, we can appreciate the unique benefits of both mined and lab grown varieties. Because we are credentialed and professional we feel it’s important to fully explain the difference. But the final decision is up to you.

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