Not Available At Poag Jewellers

Nat Available at Poag Jewellers

Be careful not to fall in love with any of these delicious pieces, because they’re Not Available At Poag Jewellers. They are one-of-a-kind custom designs created exclusively for our custom customers. The good news is we’d love to create a one-of-a-kind piece that’s just as lovely for you!

Why custom? It can be the most personal expression of your individual fashion sense. It can tell a story. It can combine vintage and modern in a piece that has both sentimental meaning and fashion forward style. We can create a custom piece for you using a combination of your loose gemstones or settings and new gemstones or diamonds, or we can craft something from all new elements.

In short, the beauty of custom is its ability to reflect your unique perspective in a wearable piece of art made specifically for you. And that is truly special.

Contact us today and see what we can custom design for you; not available anywhere else.

This is Danielle VandenBroek's 18K white and rose gold engagement ring. The couple had a beautiful diamond given to them by a Grandmother, so they began the search for the perfect design to showcase the diamond. Danielle loved the idea of having a wider ring, and her husband preferred the look of a delicate thinner band. The Poag design team worked with the couple to create a wide ring in a refined multiple thin band design.
14K yellow gold sun and moon pendant, the moon is actually a moonstone with a face carved into it! It was created by a customer for his daughter - she is going off to university this year and she is his 'Moon and Stars'. He wanted to give her something to take with her while she was away at school! The customers name is Tom Allen and his daughter Julie.
The diamonds and sapphires were from various pieces of my mom's including her anniversary band and a solitaire necklace, all given to her by my dad. As far as the inspiration - that was pretty much you guys. I just knew I wanted something chunky but elegant, and something that didn't look like an anniversary band. I think I had seen something with the square'ish profile on one of your other pieces in your case. And I also didn't want gold. Most importantly - to use all the diamonds and sapphires so I knew I had all her favourite pieces together.
Lisa wanted something unique and wide, that she could wear all the time. She liked the idea of two colours of gold and texture to set off the design of the ring. Using the main diamond from her original wedding set, which was a solitaire., the new piece give her that bold fashion statement she was looking for and makes center stone look so much bigger!
Hannah and Tim wanted a unique ring to symbolize their relationship and the special bond they share. It is done in 14K yellow gold and incorporates emeralds and diamonds. The setting is an antique meets modern design and incorporates Tim’s birthstone. They loved the magical qualities of emeralds and its ever changing hues of colour. They couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!
Lynn brought in pieces of her mothers jewelry, who she lost her to breast cancer, to create one special piece to wear. It was created in white and rose gold with diamonds, including the center stone to reflect the breast cancer pink ribbon. Our designers worked with her through all of the options, until one piece came out that was perfect!

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