Red carpet celebrities never wear their own jewellery. They borrow it for the night. And now you can too. Learn more about Something Borrowed.


Our Something Borrowed Rental Jewellery Collection lets you rent the perfect, head-turning piece for any and every special occasion. Ideal for black tie events, class reunions, upscale dinner parties, your wedding day, Something Borrowed offers the perfect way to make an impression without spending a fortune. Take your time and browse our wide selection by top designers. Rental prices for one evening start as low as $150 a day.

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From earrings to necklaces, the Something Borrowed Rental Jewellery Collection is a treasure trove of pieces by distinguished designers that can be purchased in our store.


The Something Borrowed Collection rental fees are an affordable option for wearing fine jewellery. Rental price varies per item; based on the value of the jewellery you borrow, so ask an associate if you have questions.

In general, rentals are for up to five days. This makes the Something Borrowed Rental Jewellery Collection perfect for a special event, a weekend getaway, or an elegant vacation. (Longer rentals are available upon request, with special pricing and authorization.)

Renting fabulous designer jewellery from James O. Poag Jewellers is quick and easy.

  1. Visit Poag Jewellers to select the jewellery that will make you the belle of the ball from our Something Borrowed Rental Jewellery Collection.
  2. Use a credit card to rent the jewellery or as a down payment and reserve the jewellery for your event date. Your rental fee is based on a sliding scale reflecting the value of the piece borrowed. A temporary security deposit equal to 80% of the retail value, plus tax, of the jewellery will be processed on your credit card until the jewellery is returned. This amount, less the rental fee and taxes, will be credited once the jewellery is returned.
  3. Dazzle everyone with your stunning jewellery on the evening of your rental.
  4. Return your rental to Poag Jewellers after the rental period. Items are due by noon the final day of your rental.


Is this genuine jewellery?

Yes. All jewellery in the collection is 100% authentic. It’s not a replica or imitation.

May I reserve jewellery in advance?

To ensure the jewellery you have your eye on is available, please reserve it well in advance of your event. We maintain a rental calendar, and with a down payment, we will hold the jewellery for you.

Is the Something Borrowed Rental Jewellery Collection only for weddings?

The Something Borrowed Rental Jewellery Collection is perfect for just about any event. You may rent for black tie events, fundraisers, class reunions — whatever life event demands fantastic jewellery.

Jewellery Care?

As you might expect, while in your possession, we trust that you will handle the jewellery with the utmost of care, just as you would if it were your own.

What is a Security Deposit and why do you do it?

Poag Jewellers places a charge on your credit card equal to 80% of the retail value of the jewellery, plus tax. This serves as a deposit while you have the jewellery rental in your possession. When the jewellery is returned in the same condition as when it left, the portion of your deposit, less the rental fee and tax will be returned to your credit card.

What happens if I don’t return the jewellery by the designated time?

Late returns will be charged an extra rental period.

Is the jewellery cleaned?

After every rental, each piece is hand inspected and cleaned.


The Something Borrowed Rental Jewellery Collection pieces are also available for purchase. Should you fall in love with jewellery from the collection (how could we blame you), you can keep the piece of jewellery at the cost of the security deposit! You are saving 20% and we are going to waive the rental fee!

Our same great services and courtesies apply to jewellery purchased through the Something Borrowed Rental program.

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